Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sewing: Weekender Bag Part 1: Picking Your Fabrics

It's time I finally make Amy Butler's Weekender Travel Bag for me.

First and foremost, I wanted the bag to represent me.

Next, I wanted it to be something I'd want to use over and over again.

Next, I wanted the bag to be able to carry a bowling ball...literally be able to hold the weight of a bowling ball, as I know I will stuff it full of fabrics on my trips.

Lastly, I wanted it to wimpy fabric here!

I've had the best intentions of starting it sooner, fawning over fabrics and even ordering a few that I thought would work. I have lots of FiFi Lapin in the house, along with a bunch of Muffy...and coordinates...lots and lots of coordinates.

But they weren't know what I mean? No sense in making a bag unless it's right.

Finally I got the bright idea to go and play at Spoonflower, creating my own fabric....and I'm in love with it!

My bag will be:
 "The Lady" print will be the outside main panels and pockets.
 Black print will work as the bottom panel, handles, zipper panels, side pocket and pipping.
 Aqua dots will be the interior...both large panels and pockets (yup, I put pockets inside).

As I do somethings different than the actual pattern instructions, I'll keep my camera close to document...and possibly help you along if you're doing the bag.


Beverly said...

Can wait to see it!

waggonswest said...

Will you share the link to Spoonflower fabric?