Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sewing: Siggy Swap

I covet signature block quilts, especially antique signature block quilts.  I makes me want to find out all I can about why the quilt was made and the people who made the quilt.

I'm lucky, as I have two signature block quilts in my from the 1900's and one I made that has over 400 signatures with participants from all over the world.

And I want bright and beautiful with signature blocks from all my friends.

A few little details to get you thinking about it....

Fabrics:     Quilt Shop quality fabrics only
    Background: Solid white (Kona White or equilvalent)
      Not gray or cream or offwhite
      No White-on-Whites or prints of any type
   Corners: Modern prints or solids

  Rachel Griffith from ps I quilt has a great siggy block tutorial:
 These blocks are really easy to make and go together super quick! They're also a great stashbuster.

The number of required blocks will depend on how many decide to participate.  I'm also asking that you make and send one extra block as a donation for a charity quilt.
  So if we have 32 people sign up, you'll make 33 blocks.
  If we have 58 people sign up, you'll make 59 blocks.
And don't worry!  This swap is limited to 100 swappers, so the maximum blocks you will need to complete will be 101 blocks.

Submission Date: SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Participation Deadline: Signups close when we reach 100 participants or August 9th, 2013...whichever comes first.

Interested?  We'll be communicating through a Flicker please send me an e-mail with your name, e-mail, and Flickr ID to participate. My e-mail is

Besides sending me an e-mail, would you please leave a comment below?  We all want to know whose playing along....