Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fabric: Ric Rac Rabbits

My eyes spied this fabric while reading blog recaps of Quilt Market this week.

It has bunnies (properly called Rabbits)....but they're still bunnies...

More importantly, they are PINK BUNNIES....and they are MINE, ALL MINE!

I'm not sharing...don't even ask!

And I'll probably get more, maybe even a WHOLE BOLT!

And I'll make a quilt JUST FOR ME!

Maybe I'll even sew up a tote bag...for my pink wallet and pink nail polish and my pink cell phone...and maybe put a few Cadbury Chocolate Bars for emergency purposes only, of course.

PS: Thank you Creative Thursday for this fabric...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Postage Stamp Quilt - It's Finished!

It's done...and I absolutely love everything about it!

The cast of characters:
     Pattern:     2011 Postage Stamp Quilt Along
                     p.s. i quilt
                     by Rachel Griffith
     Fabric:      Spirit
                     Lila Tueller Designs
     Thread:     King Tut Cleopatra
                     Superior Threads

Full views:

Close-up: I kept the quilting pretty simple as I was doing it myself...#12 on my machine increased to 3 inches.

The back: I just love, love this fabric...the movement, the colors, and the fact it sometimes hides the fact that I didn't stitch straight..

And finally, my visitor who was extremely curious to see what was going on....I was lucky to get a shot from the car before they left....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Edgar at Four Months

Both DH and I are in agreement; Edgar has lost his puppy face and is now in the between stage.

Weight: 34.6 pounds; an increase of over TEN pounds in the past month.  Can you tell he loves food!

Favorites: Swimming Pool and Water...gets in it whenever he's in the backyard, even if it's raining.

Food:  Eating FIVE cups of Puppy Food a day, along with an apple at each meal.

Accomplishment: He can jump out of the car on his if we can only get him to jump into the car as easily.