Questions are a good thing! I hope I've got the answers....if not, I'll find out and get back to you!

Why Pink Bunny Suit?
My favorite movie is The Christmas Story.  If you've seen the movie, Ralphie gets a Pink Bunny Suit for Christmas from Aunt Clara....and models it.  I just love this movie...and collect all things relating to the Pink Bunny Suit, aka the Pink Nightmare.  And, yes, I do own a Pink Bunny Suit and proudly hang it in my barn.

How did you start sewing/quilting?
I'm a Marine brat...and when I was five, my Mom went to Hawaii to join up with my Dad, who was becoming a US Citizen.  I stayed with my Aunt, who thought the perfect way to keep a five year-old out of mischief was to teach her how to sew.

Where do you sew?
We were lucky to find a piece of property in Orange County that had an old barn.  I've claimed it as my studio and can be found most days enjoying a movie while creating something...a pillowcase, a quilt, a bag...or maybe even a dress for the cutie patootie!

Favorite Sewing Items:
Machine: Nothing sews better than a Bernina...trust me!  But I also have an antique Featherweight...and she sews the best straight stitch!
Fabric: I have a lot of shabby-chic fabric in my stash, but lately I'm a Kona girl...solid, bright colors.
Thread: Superior King Tut or Master Piece.
Sewing Advice:  All cotton...all the time.  Southern California had some wicked fires in 1997, and several of my friends lost quilts that were done in polyester...they just melted in the heat.  All cotton...fabric, batting, and thread...all the time.

You have dogs?
We have three dogs:
  Sophie - 12 year old chocolate lab - female
  Silas - 8 year old chocolate lab - male
  Edgar - 2 year old red golden retriever - male

What is your favorite color?
PINK...add some sparkles and I'm happy!

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