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Howdy there! I'm Toni Selman, and welcome to Life in a Pink Bunny Suit...my personal blog dedicated to finding color in life even if you're wearing a Pink Bunny Suit.

I live on a mountain top in Southern California with my husband, three very large dogs, and an old barn where I sew and store my fabric stash.  I can bake just about anything and even won an award for my brownies at the Orange County Fair.

My husband is a "major wine nerd" and can be found at GrapeRadio....podcasting and producing films on wine.

Our daughter is our one major accomplishment...she graduated from Purdue in 2012 with a BS in Nursing and is now an Army Nurse currently deployed at Fort Hood, Texas.  She hopes to eventually serve on the Psych Ward, helping our troops overcome their problems when returning from war.

OK...that's enough about me...what about you?

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Unknown said...

Hi Toni,
Looks like a fun site. Thanks for the invitation. I'll take some time later to try some of these good looking recipes.