Monday, June 25, 2012

Army ROTC Basic Training - Cards Needed

Notice the shorty there?  I'm proud to say she's our daughter.  Our daughter who is working her way through college with Army ROTC, graduating this December with a BSN from Purdue...have you gathered yet that I'm one proud Mamma?

Her Senior Cadet profile:

  • Major: Nursing
  • Hobbies, Interests, Passions: I love volunteering. My passion is helping others, whether they want it or not. I also love doing anything with my friends. You only get to live once - why not enjoy it?
  • Why Purdue: Purdue has a great nursing program. I was also enticed by the rich culture that surrounds Purdue. You can't get anything like this at home.
  • Why Army ROTC: I always liked the idea of giving back. I want to give something back to a country that has given me so much.
  • Advice to New Cadets: Believe in yourself! If you know what you want to do, then you can get there as long as you have the determination to do it.

Last Friday she flew to Washington State for LDAC (Leadership Development and Assessment Course).  The course totals 29 consecutive days of training and testing in common soldier skills.
  • Days 1-4 are dedicated to in-processing paperwork and getting to know one's squad and platoon.
  • Days 5-11 focus on the individual training tasks such as the Army Physical Fitness Test (PT) test, day and night land navigation, grenade assault course, rappelling, radio procedures, US weapons, Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE), cultural awareness, field craft, and tactics.
  • Days 12-13 are geared toward team and squad training with Field Leadership and Reaction Course (FLRC) and first aid.
  • Day 14 is dedicated to soldier and equipment preparation for the upcoming “deployment.”
  • Days 15-22 see cadets deployed to conduct four days of Squad Situational Training Exercises (STX) and two days of Patrolling. These activities consist of two full squads conducting three missions per day.
  • Day 23 begins with a 10-kilometer victory march back to the barracks where cadets clean and turn in their M16 rifles, clean their equipment, and recover.
  • Days 24-29 are final assessments, including a water confidence course, retesting any failures for land navigation and the PT test, and graduation.
Typically, the training is a refresher of what the cadets learned at their individual schools, and is meant to act as a leveler for cadets' different backgrounds. The main goal is to assess and evaluate the tactical and garrison knowledge learned during the first three years in ROTC. Formal training is conducted by the active duty officers and non-commissioned officer, but day-to-day activities are run by the cadets, who rotate through leadership positions. Cadets are encouraged to hold formations as necessary, march the formations, perform inspections, and conduct extra training to better prepare cadets for upcoming events.

Basic training is tough...and being made tougher because she can't use her cellphone or computer to communicate with her friends and family...very hard for a people-person.  So if you have a moment, would you please send her a note or card?  During the next two weeks her address will be:

CDT Selman, Annissa
Warrior Forge
8th Reg/ B Co/ 1st PLT
PO Box 339543
Joint Base Lewis McCord, WA 98433-9543

This Momma says thank you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OPI Mickey Mouse

Today my bottle of OPI Big Hair, Big Nails bit the dust...or maybe I would be more appropriate to say hit the cement, as I accidentally dropped it.
Disclaimer:  I didn't color any cars when I dropped it, I cleaned up the glass from the parking lot so no one would get injured....but the cement was definitely more colorful than when I arrived!

So what's one to do when they loose one of their top five nail polish colors?




Does immediately drive-through McDonalds to get a large Diet Coke since you're stressed and then head into Ulta since they have an amazing selection of OPI to get a replacement bottle sound like me?

Yup, that's exactly what I did...but guess what?

No more Big Hair, Big Nails....nada, zip, zilch!

So what does one do when they find out they can't replace one of their favorite nail polishes?




Well, in my case it would be to find more nail polish, hoping to procure a new favorite...and I think I did it....lookie at the OPI Mickey Mouse nail polish...I'm just in love with every color...aren't they just so beautiful?

My favorite happens to be the pink sparkle...Nothing Mouse 'bout It. Too bad, though I just had my nails done today....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Little Piece of Heaven

Close your eyes....imagine sitting out on the back deck with a large Diet Dr. Pepper, some Cabury chocolate and the cool afternoon breezes...what could be better?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Edgar at Five Months

I can't believe it....can you? He's five months old!

He's 44.8 lbs, an average of 10 lbs/month...and eating like it!  He loves apples, carrots, leaves, sticks and well as the four cups of puppy food a day.

His favorite toy...the ball.  He will "fetch", "release", and sometimes even catch.  Unfortunately, it's only in the house...take him outside and he's too distracted to play.

As he gets bigger, he gets more freedom...we've been letting him out little-by-little, and he's been staying pretty close to home.

Hopefully next month we'll be able to teach him how to use the doggie door.....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yes, I Use Starch

I don't listen to the Quilt Police...

I don't read the pattern all the way through before I start...
   why waste time?

I don't measure twice before cutting...just go ahead and do it.

I do use steam in my iron...and my seams lay flatter.

   (note the use of large letter for dramatics)

I do use STARCH...

   on all my fabrics, spraying my fabric before it's even cut to a nice
   cardboard consistency...

   and then spraying again once the block is put together so it lays nicely
   and the seams play well together...

   and I have a nice quilt top that always lays flat for quilting.

PS: Starch also makes it easier if you have to reverse sew...your blocks just pull apart in the same shape...did you know that?