Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sewing: The Commissionaire Bag

Pattern: The Commissionaire Bag by Kristi and Charlene of schnitzel & boo
Exterior Fabrics: Echino Decoro Dahlia and Robert Kaufman's Brussel Washer
Interior Fabrics: Kokka's Daisy Chain in Chartreuse plus a little more of the Brussel Washer

Of course a girl needs a new bag...don't be silly!

The Commissionaire Bag is just the right size for me...holds my wallet, cell phone, iPad, sunglasses and that all important pouch of lip gloss (guessing about ten in that pouch).

I used one of my favorite fabrics I've been hoarding...doesn't that bird just look oh so perfect on the front of that bag? I think Kristi and Charlene designed this pattern with her in mind!

The pattern was perfect...directions were well written plus plenty of pictures to explain the directions.

But the best thing yet?  Dear Husband gave it a THUMBS UP, saying it was very classy and elegant, suitable for wining and dining in Downtown Los Angeles.

Love this bag!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sewing: Aeroplane Bag

Pattern: Aeroplan Bag by Sara Johnson, Sew Sweetness
Fabric: Echino Buck in Pink and Kokka Black with Pink Dots

I love this bag...
 It's sewing machine will fit inside perfectly.
 It's soft-sided, so I can put it in the bottom of my dufflebag and pull it out to bring my swag home.
 It's insulated...I used Pellon's Insul-Fleece on the inside of the bag so I could use it on a picnic.
 Besides it's pink with deer and dots...what else do you need?

And I loved making this bag?

Yup, you heard me correctly.....I loved making this bag.

It was easy-peasy, as the directions were well written. There were lots of pictures to show me how to do each step. Plus I did the whole bag in three hours...even with a zipper.

Thinking this will be the Momma's gift for Mother's Day...but, of course, hers would need to be blue floral because that's her favorite.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sewing: Ruffle Hobo Bag

She picked the Ruffle Hobo Tote.

It had to be in teal.

And after working on it intermittently during the past three months it is finally done!

Three months? Yes, three months....because I get frustrated easily.   If I don't understand directions and there's no pictures to match, I put it off to the side to work on another project until I muddle it out.  If the pattern pieces name don't make sense, I put it off to the side to work on another project until I muddle it out.

Needless to say, there were quite a few things I needed to muddle out.

But the worst? I broke my ruffling foot and had to wait for a replacement!

It is an absolutely beautiful bag, and hopefully we'll get together this weekend so she can start using it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Quilt: Rooftop Garden Facade

It's finished!

First thing I do when I've finished a quilt is show it off to the Hubby.

Sometimes he likes them...
 sometimes he dislikes them....
 then there's the one he told me needed to leave the house because one color didn't work.

This one is different.

It's Hubby approved...only the second time in years that he's approved a quilt that I've done.

Direct quote: It's one of my favorites, ranking up there with the Canyon Sunset quilt. The white with the colors...the design makes it pop!.

A little close-up of the front of the quilt.

A little close up of the back of the quilt...a large floral on gray.   Isn't it just scrumptious?

The color of the fabrics, the pattern design, and the quilting make this a wonderful quilt that we're proud to display in our home

Pattern: Facade by Rachel Griffith Designs,
Fabric: Rooftop Garden by Moda Fabrics,
Quilting: Lisa Alexakis at Sew Modern,