Monday, July 21, 2014

Hooks and Needles: Crocheted Purple Shawl

Project: Schultertuch/Dreieckstuck by Orchideeflower (Ravelry)
Yarn: Spark Yarn in Purple

Guess what?

You know all those giveaways on Instagram?

I actually won!!!

Spark Yarn actually sent me a bundle of yarn that included this purple awesomeness!

But I needed something equally amazing to create with it to show off the beauty of this I began to search Ravelry for a pattern.

A simple shawl...very easy to do...and once I finished the first hank I decided it needed to be bigger and ordered another hank and turned it into this beauty of a wrap that's perfect for summer night dinners on the patio at the Cantina, don't you think?

And stay tuned... I might have done something equally awesome with the other yarn!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hooks and Needles: Market Bag

I needed something great and easy to send in a swap...and I searched for just the right thing based on the information I had on my swap partner.

Pattern: Lacy Crochet Market Bag from Red Heart
Description: Keep this roomy bag handy for shopping or when traveling. This is a great gift and a simple way to encourage ecology.
Difficulty: Easy
Yarns Used:
Cascade Superwash 220 in Lime (0851) - 2 skeins
Cascade Superwash 220 Paints in Celtic (9770) - 1 hank

Sounds good, right? With shops charging for bags, I thought this might be a perfect little something to include in my swap package.

 It is a large, roomy bag that is also compact when not needed. I was actually able to put three boxes of Fruit Loops cereal in this bag with no issue.

Yardage is completely off...I needed double the amount the pattern stated.
With the design of the bag, I would classify this as an intermediate level.
Needs pictures or a stitch diagram.

I am hoping my swap partner loves it as much as I do....and I've started on for myself since is love it so much!