Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Edgar at Five Months

I can't believe it....can you? He's five months old!

He's 44.8 lbs, an average of 10 lbs/month...and eating like it!  He loves apples, carrots, leaves, sticks and watermelon...as well as the four cups of puppy food a day.

His favorite toy...the ball.  He will "fetch", "release", and sometimes even catch.  Unfortunately, it's only in the house...take him outside and he's too distracted to play.

As he gets bigger, he gets more freedom...we've been letting him out little-by-little, and he's been staying pretty close to home.

Hopefully next month we'll be able to teach him how to use the doggie door.....


Tammy J. said...

I love hearing about Edgar and his adventures!

Laurie Tigner said...

I love Edgar!!!