Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing: Weekender Bag #2: Cutting It Up

There's a lot to cut for your Weekender Bag...interfacing, fabric, cording...yeah, a lot of stuff.

And there are two schools of thought to doing it....

Option A: Do It All
 Time: Two to four hours of cutting
 Benefits: It's all done at once
 Cons: If you change your mind mid-bag construction, you'll have to get more fabric
 Thoughts: Lots of Diet Dr. Pepper, some chocolate and a good movie will help

Option B: Cut Outside Fabric/Construct, Then Inside Fabric/Construct
 Time: One to two hours of cutting
 Benefits: Feeling like you're actually making progress sooner
 Cons: You'll be cutting fabric twice
 Thoughts: You'll still need Diet Dr. Pepper, some chocolate and a good movie

I work better if I can accomplish little pieces of a big project, so I prefer Option B....and that's how I'm going to approach this bag tonight...cutting out everything for the outside of the bag.

Things to remember before you get started:
- No multi-tasking...focus on getting your fabric cut!
- Directional/large prints: think about how you'll want it to look before your start cutting.

Now, take a deep breath and start cutting!

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Heather Chaulk & Little Miricals said...

hmmmm, the cutting is the hardest part sometimes isnt it!!
Just to get those first cuts! :)