Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tale of Two Frogs....

 I love these frogs SOOOOO much....I ordered four yards when they became available at Fat Quarter Shop along with this:
Seriously an AWESOME fat quarter bundle...thinking I could make a great quilt with all that I ordered.

But I seriously have this thing about color...and noticed very quickly that most of the colors in the fat quarter bundle were based on the teal colorway and the Prince Charming fabric I purchased was based on the olive colorway...yes, they'd work together if I pushed it...but not my optimal situation.

So guess what I did?

Yup...I ordered four yards of the Prince Charming fabric in the teal colorway and am impatiently stalking the UPS man for my box.

I'm thinking I'll use the Prince Charming fabric in the olive colorway to make one of Amy Butler's cute jackets...but I'll need three yards for the lining....

Now don't you'll go and tell my husband that I've ordered so much fabric...he'll just die!!!

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