Sunday, May 8, 2011

She's A Big Girl Now...

It had to come some day...
She's a big girl now....
She's a third year nursing student...fourth year starts in August.

And she's not coming home.

She has her own apartment (an old victorian-ish apartment) on the third floor with a great view of the city. She had friends help her move in last Friday.

She has a job for the summer working at a homeless shelter...a real job that pays money. 

And she's not coming home for the summer.

I think I'm OK with that...she had to get her own place at some point.

She has a kitchen table...and a microwave...and a refrigerator (but please Mom would you send the extra dishes?)

She has a sofa (Mom, I picked it up at the used furniture store...could you sew me a slip cover? Yours are so much better than what the store has).

She has a bed (Mom, you know that fabric I picked out for my quilt? Well, could you change it to black and white? It'll go better with my bedframe).

Oh my...I don't know if I am really ready for this.....

Besides...what's up with that pink door? I really, really must get her to do something about that!

1 comment:

DawnMaree said...

That's no pink door. That's a bad pink ?bathroom? LOL. I think I had a Pepto-Bismol colored room when I was 21.