Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing Machine = New Tupperware Parties?

My husband brought me home the Wall Street Journal from last Thursday, thinking I would be really, really interested an article since it had pictures of sewing machines (well, at least he thinks of me).

The article talked about how the economy is turning younger and younger women back to sewing, what was once thought of as something for "older people", and how sewing machines are becoming modernized with more stitches and computerized downloading capabilities.

What grabbed me most about this article wasn't more people sewing, the upgrading of the sewing machine, or WalMart reinstituting fabric on their floors, but the fact that women were hosting "sewing parties".  A sewing party is very similar to the oldtime Tupperware, Princess House, or Pampered Chef home party, but the merchandise to be sold is sewing machines.  The draw to the party: a chance to actually learn how to sew on various machines and a 15% discount of the machine of your choosing, with the hostess of the party earning 20% of a discount on the purchase of a sewing machine.

Wow! Where have I been? I've never heard of such a thing! Yes, I have the apps downloaded on my iPhone that they discussed (Fabric Stash, etc.), but having your friends together with sewing machines? I definitely have been out of the loop!

While I admit the fabric at JoAnn's or WalMart is definitely cheaper, I remain adamant about not purchasing from these's a question of getting what you pay for.  I'd rather swap with friends or wait until I can afford better fabric, threads and supplies...but sewing parties - I'll definitely go there!

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