Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy Day

He always asks what I do during the day...

It's never what he wants me to do...

But then again sometimes I just don't feel like doing whatever tasks he deems important.

Like today...he wants me to unpack the boxes from my former place of employment currently stacked in the garage...

Instead I chose to:

- Take the dogs on our traditional morning McDonalds run (don't tell him that they get Sausage Biscuits when they go)

- Came back home to drop the dogs back at the house.

- Went to drop-off/pick-up his drycleaning.

- Went to the bank to deposit the check.

- Drove through Del Taco to get a large Diet Coke (very important)

- Went to Borders to see if they had the 100 blocks quilting magazine out...but of course they didn't.  I did pick up the 2011 Summer/Spring Shop Hop magazine..one pretty great quilt that I might put in the que to do.

- Trader Joe's for dinner stuff - I couldn't really decide what to make, so I picked up the stuff for porkchops with mustard blueberry sauce, turkey burgers, and terriyaki chicken.

- Sewed all the rows together on the Postage Stamp Quilt.

- Brought the desktop computer from the studio upstairs to be repaired (the dvd player doesn't work....and I can't quilt without it.  I simply must listen to The Long Hot Summer while quilting...isn't this the rule?)

All of this was before noon...and then I sat down and had the carrot cake bundtini for lunch.

Left on my list (notice I didn't say his list):

- Setting back up the patio furniture as it's beautiful out today.

- Pinning some of the rows together for the postage stamp quilt.

And, you might ask what does the rose have to do with all of this?  I saw it as I walked up the front steps from my errands...it's a mini rose bush sitting right besides the front door.  It's just too beautiful not to share!

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