Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Managing Your Fabric Expense

Managing your fabric expense is something we all need to do these days unless you're one of the RHOC (and this is not admitting I watch that show), as the price of fabric is over $10.00/yard in most places.

But is that possible?

Yes, I can do it if I don't buy any new fabric...and my stash can support doing that for quite a while.

But in all reality, do I want to do that? Not really...my taste in fabric today is quite different than when I started quilting a few years back. I have batiks and civil war fabrics that I will probably never use as I know think they're dark and depressing.  I want happy...but not bright...and I'm just now getting that in my stash.

Leaves me with a whole bunch of fabric I won't probably use and a desire for new fabric.  How do I manage that?

Fabric exchanges....yes, I do fabric exchanges...and then, on top of it, share fabric with other quilters that I know I have that they need.

The blue batiks are for a friend who has designed a very special quilt, but doesn't have any of the batiks in her stash to play with...so I'm sharing.

The patriotic fabric is for a Fat Quarter Swap I'm doing with a FaceBook group.  My swap partner this month is actively involved with Quilts of Valor, and I thought she might enjoy these fabrics.

All it costs me is the cost of postage...in return I'll get some new fabric to play with.

PS: I have been known to share my candy stash in the packages...sweet!

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Cassy said...

SWEET and not just the sugary kind either! I love fabric exchanges. Yes, I will exchange with you any time, any where. :)