Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quilting: My Machine Applique Secret

Today I'm busy...

I have THE most important quilt top to finish...

The daughter's GRADUATION QUILT top...

Which has a lot of machine applique to finish...

Today, as tomorrow it must be delivered to the quilter to be finished in time for graduation.

Yes, I fully admit I've procrastinated on this quilt.  It was started four years ago, but somehow I kept on putting it off...thinking four years was a long time off...well, I only have one day before it needs to go to the quilter tomorrow.

The center of the quilt is the Nursing School's logo...all of which has been fused to the fabric, but still needs to be machine-appliqued down to the fabric.  I know I could just leave it and let it be quilted, but I'd always worry about those edges....for years and years to come.

The tools I will be using today are pretty standard...a new needle, lots of black thread (satin stitch), and handy-dandy box of Deli Wrap.

Yes, I said Deli Wrap...we're extremely budget conscious in this house, and I use Deli Wrap as my stabilizer for machine applique.  It works's totally inexpensive...and it rips off real easy.

Now to go hunt down a large diet Dr. Pepper and some's gonna be a long night!

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Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

Deli Wrap! That's interesting.
Thanks for linking up to our FB page.
LOVE your header!