Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sewing: The Manly Lunch Tote

After seeing all the mini lunch totes I did last week, the DH put in his request...

A "manly" tote...
  Meaning something I can carry around and use without being embarrassed.
  Meaning no Hello Kitty, no florals, and especially no PINK.

It had to have a zipper...
  Really now?
  Don't you remember the last time I attempted a zipper and ended up taking it to someone else?

It needed to be large enough to hold one soda can, one sandwich container, an apple and a package of cookies...

May I present the "manly" lunch tote...complete with a ZIPPER?
Yes, I did it all's not perfect, but it's in and it works!

And, more importantly, it is DH approved!

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