Monday, April 25, 2011

My Daughter Cooks

I confess....I have quite a number of cookbooks.

Don't you dare ask how many...but I have quite a few.

And my daughter loves to pull out one of them to make us dinner while she's at home from Purdue on break.

She's a visual the more pictures the cookbook has it in, the more likely she'll understand what to do.

She decided to cook Beef Wellington from Jamie's Food Revolution. Great instructions, great you should have in your kitchen library.

The book showed the prepared Beef Wellington in the oven on a plastic cutting board (at least that's what it looked like to her).

This is what my oven looked like once the Beef Wellington was done:

Cost of new oven: around $700
Cost of new cutting board: around $10
Story: priceless...and one my daughter will never live down!


Staci said...

Oh My. . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni, I have been drawn to your blogs through common interests and have enjoyed reading you posts very much...this one though made me laugh so thank you your dear daughter can take comfort perhaps in knowing that she is not alone in doing such deeds. I ruined the engine of my first car at the tender age of 18 (a vw superbug) by me putting a substantial plastic shopping bag over the engine while it was outside in the rain. It had holes(grills) over the top which bothered me, so I carefully lifted the cover and covered the engine to "protect" it. Forgot about it and then later when it stopped working found out looked remarkably like your I had a good laugh at both of our mistakes!!! It is just one more thing I share with you, God bless you. I love your blog.