Sunday, April 3, 2011


Main Entry: sep·a·ra·tion
Pronunciation: "se-p&-'rA-sh&n
Function: noun
1 : cessation of cohabitation between a married couple by mutual agreement with intent that it be permanent; also : LEGAL SEPARATION —compare DIVORCE
NOTE: In some cases in which the estrangement is extreme, a separation is considered to have occurred even when the couple retain the same residence if they have stopped communicating and engaging in sexual relations and intend to be separated.
2 : termination of a contractual relationship (as employment or military service)

Friday, April 2nd will be a day I probably will not forget.

According to Webster's Law Dictionary, I have a separation from employment...their choice...complete with a separation packet and compensation providing I comply with several terms listed in their Agreement of Separation.

I am no stranger to has happened twice before in my career.

I knew it was coming...I even predicted it to two of my co-workers that morning. No one believed me.

And happened.

You would have been proud of me...I remained calm during the process...even when asked to leave the premises immediately.

I have been struggling with this all weekend...why is it so personal?

But then I have to think again...all things happen for a reason.  Twice before it had positive results.

Perhaps this will have positive results...I have to hope.

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