Sunday, April 17, 2011

Candy - Old School Style

If you haven't noticed, I love chocolate...really, really love chocolate.  And if you tell me I shouldn't eat it, I'll tell you it's part of the four major food groups and you should have four servings daily...cocoa bean = bean = vegatables...get it? DUH!

Earlier this week I was reminded of the candy we ate when we were kids...LemonHeads, JuJuBees, TootsiePops...pure sugar goodness that simply is not around as much as it should be..but this week, the week before Easter when you need to get goodies for those baskets, it is out in full fource.

Do I enjoy them? Absolutely!

Do I want some? Absolutely!

Will I open up these boxes to enjoy? Probably not, as I need to put them in Easter baskets to send to Annissa and her sorority sisters by Tuesday next.

Will it replace my favorite chocolate? NEVER!

For me these candies represent the memories of life being simpler...and friends out riding their bikes....and sharing these candies...just being....that's what these candies are for...remembering.

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