Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Breakfast CoPilots

I have to start the day with breakfast and it's usually and Egg McMuffin (no cheeese), hashbrown and a LARGE diet coke...I know, not the most nutritious of breakfasts, but it works for me.  On the weekends I usually do the same thing as there are two important members of our family who love to go "car"...

Meet Sophie...she's the oldest and the queen of the bunch.  She loves to be petted and have belly rubs. She MUST sit in the front's hers and she'll climb from the back seat to the front to get into it, no matter what's in the way.  She goes on the car ride not because she loves the ride, but because she loves to go and be near you.
This is Silas..our youngest dog and the only boy of the bunch.  He loves to go in the car...hang his head out the window enjoying the smells. He also knows he'll get a piece of breakfast once we get back home if he behaves.

I've always felt it was important to have the dogs go in the car to various places and enjoy it, not think of it as something I just go in when I visit the vet's office and get shots.  Am I the only person out there who does this with their dogs? Sometimes I think so, as my co-workers don't do it...maybe it's just not the norm these days. However, Sophie and Silas enjoy it, I enjoy it, and the staff at McDonald's always smile when they see the dogs.

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Kay said...

Sophie and Silas look so sweet! I do take my little dog Lucy with me everywhere I go, as long as it's not too hot outside. You're right... it's important that they tag along with us whenever possible. After all, they ARE part of our family! :)