Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shoe Decisions

It seems as if everything I wear is falling apart at the same time...I've thrown away two pairs of leggings (holes) and put three pairs of shoes in the pile for the housecleaners to take to their church charity (rips, holes). I need to replace at least one pair of the black shoes for work and, quite frankly, am a bit tired of the clogs I wear day in, day out. I'd love a pair of cute cutoff boots,but nothing is exciting me. Finally over to my latest shop find..Ruche (think ModCloth, as cute but a bit cheaper for the budget).  I found two pairs of shoes I like alot at a fabulous price...

Which ones should I get?

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Wendy said...

I know it too late to have my opinion matter, but for the record I think the ones with the peek a boo toe and bow in front would be more flattering...hope you are not on your feet all day...those heels would destroy me altogether! I do love them tho.