Monday, February 28, 2011

I Want MY Car Back!

My oil light was Silas' window wouldn't go all the way up automatically.
Time to take the car in. Don't forget it's's still under warranty.
And they give you nice, clean rental cars to use while they have your car. 
I've had a Cadillac, an Acura, a BMW, a Jaguar and a little red beetle (that was the bestest one). Today I have a Jeep's brand new, only 324 miles on it (well, that's before I got ahold of it).
It's a very nice car...BUT I WANT MY CAR BACK!
My car has a sunroof to enjoy fresh car has a thingy on the steering wheel to change the music channels...and best of all, my car has Albert, my bear co-pilot.  I left Albert in my car thinking it would be a short trip this time...nothing major.  But guess what? Nothing goes as planned.
My car is still at the repair shop...two excuses: my car needs new brake pads and they didn't have them in stock - WHAT?  You take your car to the dealership that you bought your car from, use their service shop, and they don't have brakepads for your car??? AND, they can't find that stupid idiot oil light issue...and need to have the shop supervisor look into the issue as this is the second time I've reported it to them.
Oh, well...they say I'll have my car back tomorrow...I guess I can drive the rental car home.

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