Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt Update

I joined up for the Postage Stamp Quilt Along a few weeks back...and, of course, I didn't finish on time.  However, I am determined not to let this become a WIP (Work in Progress) staying on my shelf forever and ever, finally hiding in the big black cabinet so I can't feel guilty about not finished it.  I keep on telling myself it can't  be enjoyed, it's warmth and friendship appreciated and loved if it's not finished...so here I am, determined to finish, no matter how many weeks behind I am and the fact that the quilt along is long finished....

Step #1: Materials Needed
Rachel's instructions were really easy to understand...in basic terms, you have a week to get what you need to complete the quilt...and Fat Quarter Shop gave those participating a DISCOUNT.  A DISCOUNT...now I can't pass that up can I?  Why, I'll save 30% on fabric...doesn't that matter? (I can here Jay saying our checkbook would save 70 % if I never even bought the fabric...but that doesn't matter).
I chose to go outside my comfort box with this and bought fabric not shabby chic:

I decided...this is the fabric I will be using for my Postage Stamp quilt...the light dotted will be the solid squares. And then I had to wait...wait for it to arrive....which it did in it's full glory! YES!

 Isn't it pretty?  Definitely worth waiting for!

Step #2: Leg Work
Rachel's instructs cut down to the basics: make two sets of eight strip steps...the first Dark/Light/Dark/Light/Dark and the second Light/Dark/Light/Dark/Light...so I started...here is the first set of strips....
 I am SOOO happy with these colors...don't they just want to make you smile?
But guess what? I didn't read the directions CORRECTLY on Step #1: Materials Needed. Rachel's directions were, and I quote, "easy, peasy"...but my little eyes spied "Jelly Roll" and only ordered one when it said TWO!
So I'm waiting for a few more strips of fabric to come in...waiting, waiting, waiting (do you hear the words "impatiently" here)...thinking this is only Step 2: Legwork. How many weeks is it going to take me to get to step five?

PS: if you want to join in on the fun with me...or just want a great read...here's the link to Rachel's blog:

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April said...

So pretty. Can't wait to see the finished quilt! :-)