Saturday, September 3, 2011

FOUR Years???

Today I had two objectives:
- Find a chair for the desk.
- Take my sewing machine in for a service since it's been awhile.

I thought finding the chair with my hubby would be the worst part.  However, we both found a chair we could agree on within six stores...a record for us!

Then a drive to Long Beach to SewVac, Ltd....and yes, I am well aware there are many shops closer to home, but not one that I trust.  SewVac has earned my business time and time again...

My machine has an automatic feature that tells you to take it for a service...but I've been ignoring it for a while.

I walk into the store thinking it had only been two years since the last service...and yes, I am aware that I should have it serviced every year.

Well, as you can guess, it wasn't two years...

It wasn't three years...

It had been FOUR YEARS since my last service....


And then to make the situation even worse, she told me that my second machine (the traveler) had never been serviced in the THREE YEARS I've had it.

I suggested they send me out cards like the dentist does to remind you about least then I might keep things on schedule.

What do you think?

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Diana said...

Call me crazy, but I bought a compressor and a manual on sewing machine repair and I do it all myself for all my machines and have never taken them into a shop.