Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Four New Tires?

A leaking tire...nothing new, right?  You just take it to your local shop, and they fix it free because (a) you have a personal relationship with the shop, and (b) they've done it so many times for you before (trust me, my tires seem to attract nails).

Not this time, though...

Did you know they can't patch a tire if the previous patches are leaking and are, in fact, the cause of the leak?

And did you know tire tread doesn't regenerate itself and live forever like fabric?

And did you know at a certain point your car battery dies and you have to replace it?

And do you know how much four new tires and a new battery cost?

And, of course, I couldn't have the tires that are on special...of course not.

My car is very special....it takes bigger tires....the big tires cost so much more.

So much for my wishlist at Fat Quarter Shop....

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