Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Week In Review

Hey there!

It's been a busy week or two...

First, Edgar celebrated his first birthday!  Look at the difference between puppy Edgar and teenage Edgar...he's grown up!  He's a total redhead, weighs in at 82.5 lbs at the moment, eats four cups of dog food a day, and loves to play ball.

Next, I was lucky to take a class with Emily of Carolina Patchworks at Road to California. I learned a lot, especially the fact that I could actually handle a quilt with a lot of small pieces.

And finally, I attempted to make a Scrappy Lone Star with Janice of Better Off Thread.  Janice gave me the confidence to actually do this and not to worry if things weren't exactly perfect.

Other than that, I managed to finish my Scrappy Trip Along quilt top...or at least I thought I did.  When it came to laying out the quilt, I found myself ONE block now I'm scrounging around a bit for matching fabric to finish that last block.  (p.s. If you have any old Lakehouse in your stash, would you let me know? I need a strip of the pink and orange and green...)

So what have you been up to???


tara said...

I have that lone star quilt on my to do list. Love it. And I jumped on the scrappy trip along too. I made 42 blocks. And now i am finishing up a granny square quilt from last year tara (Quilt Barn)

Beverly said...

I just love Edgar. Sweet, sweet puppy and now a teenager. How quickly they grow. Are you sure it's bee a year? He is a beautiful dog. Your quilts are beautiful too. I want to do a scrappy trip along. I just don't seem to be able to find the time. I work full time and I'm dragging when I get home. Then there are the two little girls next door, my adopted grandchildren. They are 7 and 4 and I love them buckets full. Take care. Love reading your blog. I am still in love the colors on you Scrappy Trip. Wish I could help you out with the missing fabric.

Sunshine said...

Edgar is beautiful pup :)