Friday, February 8, 2013

Recipe: Sam's Pasta

Because my daughter asked for the recipe....

Sun-Dried Tomato and Garlic Chicken's original name.

My family loves it...

Unfortunately so did Sam!

Sam was one of our dogs many moons ago...who loved to counter-surf whenever we weren't looking. Anything on the counter was fair game to him.

One night I was making the sauce...

Pushed it to the back of the stove to go pickup the daughter from volleyball practice...

Pulled the pasta sauce back to the front burner to warm when we got back home...

And noticed a great big SNOUT imprint in the front of the pan.

Needless to say we had take-out that night...and I never again made this recipe when I needed to leave Sam alone in the house.

Ingredients Needed
One (1) jar Sun-Dried Tomatoes
One (1) pound Bacon (because everything's better with Bacon)
Garlic Powder (to taste)
Two (2) packs PreCooked Chicken Strips
Chopped Garlic (to taste)
Two (2) pints Heavy Cream
One (1) bunch Green Onions
Two (2) boxes Pasta, cooked according to package directions


1. Drain sun-dried tomatoes on paper towels, using a heavy weight to compress for extra oil.

2. Fry bacon in heavy dutch oven, removing to paper towel to cool.  Once cool, chop into bite-sized pieces.

3. Drain bacon grease from pan, leaving approximately three (3) tablespoons in bottom of dutch oven.

4. Add chicken pieces to bacon grease.  Stir to coat.  Add lots of garlic powder so you don't see the grease in the bottom of the pan and the chicken looks as if it has a heavy breadcoating.  Add as much chopped garlic as you can stand.

5. Turn down heat to medium.  Add both containers of cream, bacon pieces and sun-dried tomatoes, and let simmer (not boil) to reduce cream and meld flavors...approximately 30 minutes, but preferably an hour. not boil the cream!

6. Just before serving, add green onions to the cream mixture and stir lightly.

7. To serve, ladle cream/chicken sauce over cooked pasta.

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Barbietee said...

I have been enjoying all your bags...My hubby calls me the bag lady so I totally understand your style of lady can have too many bags. But I must say while enjoying your quilts, I was quite delighted to come across this recipe...I can't wait to try it. No dogs in our house so it should be safe to try any time! ha ha