Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hook and Needles: Granny Squares

There are some days when my body wants to relax and just hang out on the couch.

For me this especially happens when it's cold and raining outside...and windy, can't forget that windy part of the equation.  The rain just seams to come down sideways.

Most times I don't listen to my body, as I've got a list a mile long of things to get done...just like most of you.

Just so happens that I went to the laundromat the day before to wash up those big rugs in the kitchen after Thanksgiving...and there is a yarn store in the same complex.

Color...glorious color...but it's yarn instead of fabric!

Many moons ago one of my Aunts taught me how to crochet, and I made a basic potholder....but nothing since.

The ladies at the yarn store were very helpful and encouraging. Did you know it now tells you what size of a crochet hook goes best with the yarn on the label?  Did you know the yarn shop also has a lot of free patterns and they gladly share?

Yeah...I bought some yarn and a needle to make one of their free patterns.

And last week when it was cold and raining outside, I took out the yarn bag with its yarn, needle and pattern...and made these!  

Two down...about 80 more to go!


Arlene said...

There are also some wonderful teaching video's on youtube. An excellent tutor is crochet geek. I was able to go from pot holders and wash cloths to hats, scarves and socks just by following her easy step-by-step process!

Arlene said...

BTW...everyone who has asked where I learned to crochet so quickly (youtube) are also crocheting way past beginner...it's like free classes at home in the warmth and cosy of your favorite chair!

Beverly said...

Isn't it fun to go back to something we have done in a while. It's almost like going home again. Can't wait to see your new blanket. ALSO (instead of making two posts) can just say how handsome Edgar is. I am so drawn to him. He is a beautiful young man. I can never see enough pictures of him. Give him a hug for me, or a belly rub, or a rub behind his ears - whatever makes him smile.