Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sewing: Holiday Pillowcase Project

Fifteen minutes, almost a yard of fabric, and four seams....

That's what it takes make a pillowcase.

A pillowcase that will put a smile on any face...

And, in my case it's the people of the Momma's Senior Center.

Last year I did almost forty pillowcases for the Senior Center.
They used them for gifts for those in the Assisted Living Center who weren't going to have any visitors.
They used them for gifts during the Bingo game...and that is one competitive Bingo game!
They used them for gifts for the team at the Senior Center, who staffed and helped even during the Holidays.

I use this time to go through the stash and pull fabrics I haven't used in a while...a major destash, but with a good cause.

Time to get busy...they asked for fifty this year.

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waggonswest said...

What a great project. I just started making some for gifts last night. I'll have to make a few extra now.