Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cosmo Bag Take #2

Apologizing for the photo, but the computer is acting up and not reading my memory card...UGH!

The daughter's new school bag, Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag, is complete except for the covered button...and I need the DH to snap the button together for me. But I wanted to get a picture for you before I pack it up and ship later tonight....

Personal Opinion: If you ever need to make a bag, let me recommend Amy Butler's Style Stitches and Lisa Lam's The Bag Making Bible. The Cosmo Bag is in Style Stitches; however, I need a bit more visual and found The Bag Making Bible to have illustrations not covered in Style Stitches.

And I've decided...the next bag I make will be for me!


meg said...

LOVE this!

meg said...

I was just going to post LOVE this and see that I did last month....but I still LOVE it! Awesome!