Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sewing: School Wardrobe

I never sewed school clothes for my daughter...it was always easier and cheaper just to go to Target to pick up what she needed.  I did do the occasional Halloween costume, sew on buttons that needed resewing, or hem up jeans when needed....but that was about it.

But this week I'm lucky...I get to sew a few outfits for the BF's cutie patootie...and she is way cool!

I'm starting with a simple jumper and bloomers...animal print is the bodice, large floral is the skirt, directional print is a large border on the skirt, and the pink/white print will be the bloomers.

Should be pretty easy, right? Right?


shawn said...

Cute fabric! And yes it will be easy- if you can sew those cool bags, sewing kiddie clothes should be simple!( unless it has a zipper...I don't like zippers) I used to sew all my kids clothes, back when it was cheaper to buy fabric than clothes :)

meg said...

Adorable fabric!