Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sewing: The Lunch Bag

You need a new lunch bag when you start school each year...that's a fact.

I knew I had the cutest Hello Kitty canvas in my stash...I just needed yesterday's earthquake to dislodge it from the top of the shelf so I could find it and it's coordinates that I put in a safe place.

Isn't it just the cutest bag? Hello Kitty canvas...oilcloth interior for easy wipe cleaning during the week...and a cute cotton top with cord so you can close the whole bag up tight.  You can throw the whole thing in the washer on gentle cycle, lay flat for drying, and it'll be ready to go in no-time flat.

Oh, yeah...did I tell you that it closes up tight?  That's the best part!

The bag holds one plastic sandwich container, one yogurt container, one spoon/fork container, one reuseable snack bag, cold ice star (just to make sure everything stays cold), and a water bottle...and there was still a bit of space left for Hello Kitty stickers to decorate all those bright pink containers and a bag of Hello Kitty jelly beans.

I'm thinking you could also use this bag for a mini-baby bag (bottle, wipes, and a couple of diapers), a knitting bag (a few skeins of yarn and needles) or handsewing project bag (think hexies or yoyos).

The pattern you ask?  I used Pink Penguin's tutorial and was able to sew up two bags within an hour.  I have a few adjustments for the next set of bags I do, such as adding an inch or two to the height and maybe a set-in pocket for the cold pack...maybe I'll just have to write up a tutorial for you myself.

PS: Ms. Cutie Patootie loved the bag!!!


waggonswest said...

That is adorable.

Beverly said...

Precious bag. You should write your tutorial! Sounds like a good idea!