Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilting: Background Choices

Yeah, that's the Kona Sunrise bundle...and I bought it a few months back because I just love it!

Now I've found the perfect pattern to use it in...I think it will show off the fabric quite perfectly and become a quilt I'll want to use forever.

It's a star quilt...where I'll need a background fabric to offset the star fabric.
   The star will be one of the fabrics from the bundle..
   The star will be embedded in a solid block of color, a different fabric from the bundle.
   It will be embedded in a block consisting of another one of those fabrics.

And there will be a third fabric...a background fabric to the star.

Which background fabric should I use?

Normally I'd just use the Kona White...it's my go-to background fabric, and it'd offset the blocks perfectly.

But I'm second-guessing myself....when I went to the fabric store, I brought home a bit of the Kona Aqua...and it works perfect with these fabrics.  Besides stars come from the sky..and should reside in a blue fabric, right?

Decisions, decisions...the safe choice is with the White, but I really love the Aqua.

Help a girl out...what would you choose?


waggonswest said...

I don't know if you started this yet, but I hope you went for the aqua! White would be stunning but aqua... that would be special and unique.

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