Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hooks and Needles: Send Yarn!

Sorry it's not square...I was rushing to get the morning light before running errands.

Are you doing the 2014 Crochet Mood Blanket?

I am...and I pulled out my Mandala blocks to finish for this project...
  There were just two...
  So beautiful they deserved to be in an afghan.

My progress to date:
  82 blocks completed to the white yarn
  31 blocks completed with the variegated yarn, ready to join
  18 blocks joined together

But I have an unexpected problem...being a newbie to this art, I don't know how to estimate yard needed.
  I've run out of yarn...
  Both the white and the variegated...
  And the yarn shop doesn't have any more in stock, but it should be in soon.

So I'm at a complete standstill...unless you can tell me where I can get Encore yarn.  There are no more yarn shops locally in my area, and the big chain stores don't carry it.  I've searched the internet with no where do I get it? Do you have any you could spare?

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