Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family: Dear Texas....

Dear Texas,
Now that our daughter is stationed at Fort Hood, we paid your lovely State a visit over the Thanksgiving weekend to help her set up her first "adult" apartment.  Although I feel for the most part that you are amazing, there are a few things we need to get straight right off:

Those Boys and Their Big Trucks
It's true that everything is bigger in Texas.  Your natural beauty is so vastly breathtaking, and your churches are absolutely amazing pieces of art!  However, you sincerely need to do something about those boys and their big trucks!!!!  Like teach them how to drive without speeding, cutting people off, or parking without backing up into the parking space and blocking it off. PLEASE!

I expected better...a lot better!  But I can do barbecue better, and I'm a light should really get your restaurants to have a little respect for the art...maybe talk to my husband about it?  He's a master at the grill and smoker, and could definitely take down quite a few of your local joints easily.

Why in the world did you put an IKEA so close to my daughter's apartment?  Let's just say the credit card got an extreme workout...but my daughter is happy.

Most of all, please take care of her....she's the most amazing kid, working hard to help our soldiers and their families at the hospital.  You need to keep her safe while she's there.

Thank you!

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Meg said...

You should come to K.C for real BBQ.

I hope your daughter likes Ft. Hood. I am not sure but they most likely have snow on the ground there too!

IKEA! How cool is that? I would love to visit a store!