Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Guardian Rabbit of the Quilting Studio

Meet Fred, the rabbit who stands guard in my studio...that is until I broke him and my Ott light last weekend while doing a bit of Spring Cleaning.

My quest for this week is to replace the broken things...being mindful of the budget (yeah, right).

Replace Ott light: mission accomplished.  That big ol' bad store down the hill (starts with a "J") has a 50% off sale right now, and I snagged one for under $25.

Find a new Fred...not such an easy task.  I had to figure out Fred's real name...offically he's called Jim Shore 2004 Heartland Creek, that's a bit name.

There's two of them currently on at a way too astronomical price...and the second more a wee bit more than I paid for Fred...and she takes offers.

So guess what I did???

I put in an offer for the original price I paid for Fred.

She has 48 hours to respond.

Cross your fingers and toes, please!

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