Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This past weekend a few friends and I got together to go to the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach...even the Cutie Patootie was there!

It was really fun to see everyone and catch up with what was going on in their lives.

But, quite frankly, I was really disappointed in the show.  The first year was awesome...lots of new fabric everywhere you a lot of my favorite vendors.  This year, the Festival's third, was loaded with lots of embellishments and personal stuff (purses, jewelry, etc.)...hardly any new fabric to be favorite vendors, not even the tool guy.

I went with a basic list, at least I thought so...a particular spool of thread (to finish a quilt I started three years ago), basic color threads from Superior Threads (lots of color, no beige-white-black in the studio), the Angler II (mine's a missing), Foxglove needles, Little Schoolhouse pins, and some new and pretty fabric (just because)...

The only thing I came home with from my list was the thing I thought I'd have a hard time finding...the thread from three years ago. Where was the tool guy (he's always around)? Where was the new fabric (everything was way old)? Where were my favorite designers and patterns?

I would label myself more of a traditional art quilts here.  I see the beauty in a simple square quilt...and, if you ask me, it's definitely harder to do a traditional quilt...everyone will see if you don't match your seams...and there's no covering up your mistakes with more fabric or thread.

Please come back old Festival...or (BIG GASP) we might not return for another year.

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