Friday, May 30, 2014

Sewing: Crochet Hook Case

 It's not perfect, but it is done...and I'm so happy!

Finally something to carry all my crochet hooks and tools together instead of plastic baggies...and prevent a certain dog from chewing my hooks!

And see that crochet motif on the front? I did that...yes, I really did it myself!
 It has covers for all the areas so I won't have things dropping out.  And bright pink buttons to hold everything down...because you just need a bit of pink in every project!
I have a pocket for each hook...and a few extra just in case my collection grows.  Plus, some of the pockets on the right are larger for things like your scissors which need more space.

Oops! Forgot to take a picture of the two outside pockets holding my stitch markers, measuring tape, and other such needed things I've been told are needed for crochet....and I even used my pretty Daiso zippers, the brown polka-dot ones.

I'm a happy moving on to a few sock sacks and project bags to keep everything in order.
If you can think of anything else I need, let me know....

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