Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sewing: The Aragon Bag...aka Hello Kitty Does Elvis Bag

The Aragon Bag by Sew Sweetness
I've been getting a few requests for baby bags lately...
  However, I didn't have a baby bag...especially one in Hello Kitty that they were wanting.

Enters Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness stage right...
   Would I please test her new bag pattern?

She describes the Aragon Bag as:
 Whether you have a new baby or just a ton of stuff to carry around in your bag, this one is for you! On the exterior, this bag features two elastic pockets, a three-dimensional snap pocket, and a back zippered pocket.  On the inside, there are four elastic pockets and a zippered pocket.  All of your things will have their special place!  

And when Sew Modern posted a picture of their new Hello Kitty Elvis fabric, I knew it was a match made in heaven!  Who wouldn't like a baby bag with Hello Kitty Elvis fabric?

- For a big bag, I was surprised at how lightweight it actually turned out to be.  It finishes at 16" long x 12" tall x 6" wide, and is very easy to carry about.
- Pockets everywhere, and they're elasticized with plenty of room for bottles formula, whatever my friends would need for their little ones.
- Very versatile bag...I would be happy to use one myself on an everyday basis, as it's very roomy and plenty of places to keep your things organized.
- Overall the bag was very easy to make, although I would consider it to be an intermediate-level bag in construction. Sara's instructions were great and very user-friendly, with plenty of pictures to help along in the process.

- I had a bit of trouble with the final step of using a bias tape on the lining side to finish up the bag, but went very slowly and got it done!

Overall, I believe this to be a beautiful bag....and think the next one I make will be with bunny fabric for myself.

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