Monday, July 9, 2012

Army ROTC - Letter Home

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for all the stuff.  However, we're not allowed to keep the food*.  So the guys and I thank you because we ate it all in like FIVE MINUTES!  
They all enjoyed it, but it's not necessary to send me food anymore. But can you send me information about what's going on on the outside? It's killing me!
I'm doing really well, and the Major in charge of us really likes me.  He says that I'm the best nurse he's seen.
Also, tell Mom thank you for having all her friends write me letters.
Your Daughter

*Large bag of Cheetos Puffs and Pirates Booty, large package of double-stuffed Oreos with a jar of Peanut Butter for dipping,  three packages of turkey jurkey, family-sized bag of strawberry licorice, two packages of Razzles and other assorted goodies.

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Beverly said...

How sweet! I sent her a card. I thought it was a perfect one. A dog in a camo hat. She has got to be working so hard. I admire her and I think she'll make a great nurse!