Friday, April 13, 2012

The Pink House

My daughter called this week with exciting news for us...she found a city in Indiana that would be great for us to retire...Carmel.

Her reasononing: It had an awesome mall like Fashion Island here in the OC...complete with a Nordstroms for all of her needs!

I did a little research and, although Carmel seems like a wonderful city, it would not be for me as it reminds me a lot of Irvine...planned community with cookie-cutter homes.

She did make me think..where should I retire?  Searching lead to Oberlin, Ohio...a community I've visited quite a number of times in the past...great people, awesome quilt shops, and even a Trader Joe's close by...with decent house prices.  I think this one will do quite well:

It definitely needs a bit of spiffying-up...could I turn it into the pink house complete with awnings and pink rambling roses? I think so.....and my Pinterest boards are full of pink house ideas!

1 comment:

JEllen said...

Yes, I do believe in Oberlin they love to have your pink house. Especially if you have money to buy it and keep up with your taxes:)