Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Only 74 Days Until...

You are so wrong! 

I am not one of those people who count the days until Christmas.

It is only the most amazing event of the year...that is besides my Anniversary and daughter's birthday.

The 24-Hour Marathon of The Christmas Story movie begins on December 24th every year...please create an appointment in your calendar to begin at 12:00 Noon so you can enjoy each and every moment of the movie!


Heather Chaulk & Little Miricals said...

I can't wait until the Christmas conteta..I always leave with tears of love in my heart and prayers for a happy life for all, for healing and a spirit filled with our Lord!!

Heather Chaulk & Little Miricals said...

We don;t celebrate Christmas other than going to church, have no one to see or visit and don't buy gifts as the money does not stretch that far...sometimes that makes me feel bad because I remember the times of going out and buying, (always things that were needed by the family and maybe a treat) but we loved it and we never knew what we would get so if I opened a gift from hubby that was an electric knife or a pot well I was just so excited I would beam for weeks and if he got socks and underwear and maybe a pair of pants and a shirt well we thought we had the world.....so I guess I kind of miss those days when we got to buy and wrap gifts that we needed...but going to church to see a beautiful rendition of the birth of Christ makes things better :) <3 [[hugs]]