Friday, March 18, 2011

She Took It All!

The dearest daughter is home from Purdue for Spring Break.

Her room looks like a clothes bomb exploded...and the bed hasn't been made during the past week.

We've been to the grocery store three times in the past week for fresh veggies and fruit that she can't get back at school.

My washer and dryer are very tired from doing all the laundry she brought from school.

And extra things are in her bag that I bought from Modcloth a few months back...

The fun straw cloche...mine has a dark chocolate ribbon and works perfectly through those Spring and Summer months. She will wear it on those bad hair days...

And the beautiful black pumps I just I'll never get a chance to wear them. They will definitely have more fun on her feet...all the school parties and boys to meet.

I've been told they will have a wonderful life in Indiana...but I'm many other Moms out there have their daughters raid their closets before they go back to school?

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